Frequently Asked Questions

Cycle Holidays

Why are there two prices quoted for each holiday tour?

We offer two levels of accommodation, our 'Luxury B&B' and our 'Character Hotels' options. Our minimum quoted price applies when all overnight stops are in our 'Luxury B&B' establishments. Our maximum quoted price applies when all overnight stops are in our 'Character Hotel' establishments.

What's included in the standard quoted holiday price?

Our standard tour prices assume that all party members share either twin or double bedrooms. The tour price includes overnight accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, bike hire for all party members, daily trail guide packs plus one Satmap GPS hire unit per party, and daily luggage transfer service. If required, we also include a free pick up and drop off service to nearby Colchester Railway Station or Colchester Coach Station. Our prices include emergency on-road support in the event of any bicycle problems, including punctures should you wish (although you may find it quicker to repair these yourself using the repair kits we provide).

What's not included in the standard quoted holiday price?

Our prices exclude your travel to and from Langham (except for our complimentary pick-up service from Colchester Rail or Coach Stations). Our prices exclude all meals except the breakfast provided at your overnight accommodation. Our prices exclude the small passenger ferry charges incurred on some of our tours. Our prices exclude your individual personal holiday insurance, which we ask you to arrange for yourself.

Can I bring my own bike rather than hire one?

Of course! Each party member bringing their own bike will receive a discount of £10 x the number of tour nights (for example, a £30 discount for one of our 4 day/3 night tours).

Are there any price supplements or discounts?

Single rooms attract a (sometimes substantial) price supplement. Family rooms for more than two people (where available) attract a price discount. It's hard to provide a generic answer as to the size of the supplement/discount, but please advise us of your requirement and we'll do our best to find the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

Can you help with additional accommodation bookings at the start and/or end of the holiday tour?

Of course! We'll be delighted either to offer advice, or include additional bookings in your holiday package if you prefer.

How fit do I need to be?

Not very! Our eastern tours a re pretty flat. On our western tours the hills are occasionally steep, but they're never very long, and our lightweight 27 gear hire bikes make easy work of them in bottom gear. Our highly flexible daily touring distances cater for most people, but if you're really worried about your fitness level, then make sure you choose one of our 4 Beginner Tours.

What sort of roads and trails do you use?

Our aim in designing itineraries is always to minimise traffic exposure and maximise the scenic beauty. Our standard routes make use of a mix of small country lanes along with some bridleways, byways, disused railways and "green lanes". We can also tailor routes to meet your own stated preferences eg. "please avoid any lumpy/gravelly tracks" or "please take me offroad as much as possible".

Are there any age or group size restrictions?

We generally only cater for groups of up to 6 people. We love organising tours for families with kids, but please note that we do not stock any hire bikes for children, so you will need to bring their own bikes with you when you travel to Langham.

Tell me more about your hire bikes please?

Our fleet of hire bikes are all Boardman hybrid bikes equipped with comfy leisure riding saddles and a range of other accessories. For full details please visit our Bike Hire page.

What precautions should I take to prevent theft of hire bikes?

All our accommodation providers offer secure overnight storage facilities for bikes. But if you plan to leave your bikes unattended at times during the day, we would recommend the use of a good lock at all times. We can offer a range of locks to meet the needs of different size parties. Please note however, that you remain fully responsible for the safe return of our hire bikes, regardless of whether you use no locks, your own locks, or our locks.

What should I pack for a cycling holiday?

There are two answers to this question: as much as you like in your overnight bags, but as little as you can get away with on the bike itself.

Our daily luggage transfer service ensures that you don't need to skimp at all when packing for your holiday (within reason anyway - you may still need to pass the partner acceptability test!).

Out on the bike, one of the joys of a cycling holiday is the great sense of freedom it brings, so please try not to weigh yourself down unnecessarily. All our hire bikes come with a small seatpost bag and a larger handlebar bag. We encourage all our customers to try to fit everything into these, so as to avoid the need for a backpack or panniers. Our recommended checklist would be:

Per person: snacks; water bottle; camera; phone; cash & credit card; sunglasses and lightweight waterproofs in summer; plus lightweight fleece and cycling gloves in spring/autumn.

Per tour party: Coolpedals trail guide & map, handlebar mounted GPS, bike pump, bike lock, spare inner tubes and tyre levers.

What are the arrival arrangements on the first day?

If you come by car, we have ample offroad parking for the duration of your holiday. If you come by train or coach, we will pick you up from Colchester Railway Station or Coach Station.

Arrival time is entirely your choice. Most of our tours start with a short first day to ease you into things, but we can customise day 1 arrangements however you like: a full day's cycling if you plan to arrive early, or a zero-riding direct transfer to your accommodation if you are arriving late in the day.

What are the departure arrangements on the final day?

As with the first day, we can offer total flexibility. You can do a full day's cycling, or a shorter ride to fit in with your travel arrangements. And if you just fancy a lazy lie-in on the last day, we can of course pick you up with the luggage and return you directly to Langham!

What support service do you provide during a cycle holiday?

In addition to our daily luggage transfer service, we offer emergency on-the-road support in the event of any hire bike problems. This includes callout for puncture repairs if you wish, although most people find it quicker to repair these themselves with the spare inner tubes and tyre levers we provide.

What happens if there is a problem with one of the passenger ferries on our chosen tour route?

In the unlikely event that a ferry isn't running please contact us to discuss options. We may be able to suggest an acceptable re-route. If not, we will provide a free road transfer to let you continue with your original route.

What is the holiday booking and payment process?

Please use the "Date Check" button in the website top menu to check holiday availability for your preferred tour start date. We will respond with a Quotation Reference Number.

To proceed with a booking, use the "Booking" button in the website top menu to confirm your booking request and pay a £50 initial deposit via our secure debit/credit card payment processor, Stripe. We will then respond with your Booking Confirmation Number.

5 weeks before your tour start date, we will send you an invoice for the remaining holiday balance payment. (For bookings made within 5 weeks of your tour start, this invoice will be sent immediately after provision of your Booking Confirmation Number).

Upon payment of your invoice, we will email you a detailed Pre-Holiday Information Pack with useful practical information about your cycle holiday. We will also ask you for confirmation of your expected arrival/departure arrangements and your riding preferences, so that we can finalise a detailed route itinerary ready for your arrival with us in Langham.

What happens if I have to cancel my holiday booking?

If this unfortunate circumstance arises, please let us know as soon as possible and we will refund you as much as we reasonably can. We will not wish to profit from your misfortune, but we will need to levy a cancellation charge to cover costs that we have already incurred, or will incur by way of accommodation cancellation charges.

What happens if Coolpedals has to cancel my holiday?

In the unlikely event that Coolpedals has to cancel your holiday, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid.

What holiday insurance arrangements should I make?

Our tour holidays do not include any personal insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out adequate holiday insurance including medical cover, personal accident, loss of belongings, hire bike loss or damage, & cancellation cover. We cannot be held responsible for your own illness, injury or loss/damage of your belongings while on holiday.