Lavenham & Kersey

Ride Summary

A rural circuit through gently rolling Suffolk farmland that just happens to visit Lavenham (Britain's best preserved medieval town) and Kersey (arguably Suffolk's prettiest village)! This route can be cycled in either direction.

Ride Data


22 miles.

Start & Finish

Kersey village, where there is usually space available on the main street for parking.


The watersplash in the middle of Kersey village can be slippery, so cycle carefully through it if you don't chicken out and walk your bike over the walkway instead! Between Chelsworth and Monks Eleigh the route follows a fairly busy road. The farm track on the approach to Lavenham can get rutted in places (but is far preferable to the busy A1141 alternative!).


Kersey's lovely 14th century Bell Inn is a great place for refreshments before or after your ride.

Out on the ride itself, the refreshment stop options include:

Lindsey Tye: The Red Rose pub.

Chelsworth: The Peacock Inn.

Lavenham: lots of choices available.

Acton: The Crown pub (just a few metres off route).

Boxford: The Fleece Hotel, The White Hart pub.


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Points of Interest


This is a very pretty hamlet next to riverside meadows, a lovely spot for a quick stop en route.

Monks Eleigh

Another very picturesque village with a traditional village green backed by an impressive 15th century church.


The jewel of the various medieval Wool Towns, Lavenham boasts over 300 listed buildings, including the spectacular Guildhall and whole streets lined with half-timbered medieval houses. If it weren't for the parked cars you could easily imagine yourself back in the 15th century as you pedal through the streets here.


Boxford is a thriving village with a range of traditional shops and pubs.


Kersey is often referred to as the prettiest village in Suffolk. Its single main street is centred on a ford and rises steeply on either side, lined with lots of individually styled old houses and crowned by the pretty 12th century church at the southern end.