Personalised Route Maps

Our local region is fantastic for peaceful cycling with minimal traffic, due to the profusion of small country lanes and tracks criss-crossing the local countryside. But this can also make navigation and route finding a little tricky at times!

If you pre-book and pre-pay for your bike hire, we like to provide you with the best possible navigation aids to help you get the most from your day on the bike without having to worry about getting lost.

So please do let us know your cycle route preferences (however general or specific) when you fill in our booking form. We can then provide you with a personalised route map to follow when you arrive at Langham to collect your bikes.

If you have a smartphone with suitable mapping software installed, we can email you a .gpx file to display the route on your phone. If you prefer more traditional methods, then we will lend you an Ordnance Survey map marked up with your route.